Photographs of Sandy Bay Roads

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

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Let us start a new journey to explore the roads in the Sandy Bay area. This webpage contains photographs of provincial highway 135 as I am heading south leaving the northern village of Sandy Bay.

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Photo: IM001275.jpg ~ This is what provincial highway 135 looks like as you leave the Northern Village of Sandy Bay heading towards civilization. The road sign lists the First Nations community of Pelican Narrows as being 70 kilometres away which places it near the halfway point of this highway.
Photo: IM001276.jpg ~ The first big challenge as you leave Sandy Bay is this bobsled run. Can you safely drive down this hill without loosing control of your steering? Today it looks fairly easy but there have been days that I have encountered a sheer sheet of slippery ice on the road surface of this hill.
Photo: IM001277.jpg ~ Sandy Bay is far enough north that there are plenty of times during the year when the sun just hangs up there barely above the height of the trees. Sunglasses for summer and winter driving are a good investment.
Photo: IM001280.jpg ~ The roads are neither flat nor straight in northern Saskatchewan. "S" turns are common in the Sandy Bay area.
Photo: IM001282.jpg ~ I turned at the intersection so now I am driving on the road to the hydro electric power dams at Island Falls. The road is zigzagging back and forth below these high power electric transmission lines.
Photo: IM001283.jpg ~ The big difference between this road to Island Falls and the other roads in the Sandy Bay area is the sudden appearance of all of these road signs marking everything.