Photographs of Sandy Bay Roads

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

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I am continuing on my journey. I was following a service road along the side of the airport runway. The road condition deteriorated to becoming just a vehicle trail through the forest.

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Photo: IM001255.jpg ~ I have entered what appears to be a turn around loop. This trail is starting to look pretty scary. My pickup truck may get stuck here! I cannot back up. I cannot turn around. My only choice is to try to make it around the loop. (Hint: I got out of my truck and tried walking part way around the loop first.)
Photo: IM001256.jpg ~ As you can probably tell by the angle of my dashboard my four wheel drive pickup truck is starting to slide around uncontrollably on the ice, snow and deep ruts of this backwoods road.
Photo: IM001257.jpg ~ My rear tires keep sliding into the right hand ditch. I just cannot keep them on the trail.
Photo: IM001258.jpg ~ Finally I escape the backwoods and I am once again driving on the road parallel to the airport runway.
Photo: IM001259.jpg ~ I have never landed or taken off in an airplane at the Sandy Bay community airport. I hope the runway is a lot smoother than this roller coaster road running parallel to it. I did not find a good spot where I could stop with a clear view of the runway. I am just aware that the runway must be over there somewhere in the big field beside me.
Photo: IM001263.jpg ~ The buildings and a small airplane parked at the Sandy Bay community airport. The airport has a single gravel runway for small airplanes. A pilot up in the air can remotely turn the airport lights on or off. There were no airport employees that I was aware of. All flights were chartered or privately owned aircraft as I was not aware of any regularly scheduled flights serving this airport. The only airport facility not shown in this photograph is the outhouse (outdoor toilet shack). It was located about a hundred metres dash from where the airplane is parked.
Photo: IM001264.jpg ~ This is the service road that I was just driving along parallel to the runway. Looking at this end of the road near the airport buildings would you have guessed what the road conditions were like in that backwoods loop I just escaped from?