Photographs of Sandy Bay Roads

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

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This webpage contains photographs of my return trip driving from the airport to the northern village of Sandy Bay.

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Photo: IM001265.jpg ~ You cannot see them in this photo but the airplane and airport shacks are right beside my vehicle on the right hand side of this road. The airport outhouse is across the road out of camera view on the left side of this photo.
Photo: IM001268.jpg ~ Once again driving past the sand pit that is near the airport.
Photo: IM001269.jpg ~ The airport road heading towards Sandy Bay.
Photo: IM001270.jpg ~ Look carefully but do not smell! Can you see the two big, rectangular, man made ponds? At this time of the year they may look like giant ice skating rinks. Do you notice that there are no people here? If you ever see this scene again near any northern Canadian community stay far away. There may be one, two, three or four rectangular ponds. These are sewage lagoons. This is where the raw sewage from the community is being piped underground or dumped by sewage trucks. You do not want to smell this sewage. You do not want to breathe its fumes. And you most certainly do not want to slip in and drown in it. STAY FAR AWAY!
Photo: IM001271.jpg ~ Entering the community of Sandy Bay on the airport road.
Photo: IM001272.jpg ~ That large building on the far right of this photo is the nursing station on the outer edge of the community. It makes sense that they would be the closest building to the airport as many of the airplane flights are probably for medical reasons. Flying doctors visit the nursing station for a day or two. In medical emergencies patients may be flown out to a hospital.
Photo: IM001274.jpg ~ Watch out for pedestrians! Like wildlife they may be difficult to see when driving.
Photo: IM001273.jpg ~ Downtown Sandy Bay driving past the schoolyard and teacher's homes (teacherages).