Person looking very sleepy while standing in front of shower curtain.
Feeling very tired I wander into the bathroom on my way to bed.
Sleepy person tries to smile but eyes are almost shut.
Seeing the bathroom mirror I make a faint effort to smile.
Sleepy person opens eyes and tries to smile.
Not happy with my first attempt I try smiling again.
Person looks down at something.
With my eyes now open I see something in the bathroom sink.
Person's eyes open wide with an expression of surprise.
Eek! There is a big bug in the bathroom sink!
Photo of a bathroom countertop and sink. If you look very closely you may see the small dot of a bug in the sink.
This is the best of three nearly identical photos I took during my first attempt to photograph the bug. You can see the bathroom countertop. You can see the sink. Where is the bug? It looks so small and far away.
On my second attempt to photograph the bug I have moved in real close. I am holding my smartphone in the sink almost touching the bug.
I am not an expert on bugs but I think that critter may be a house centipede.
Which end is the head? Which end is the tail or derriere?
Is it a male or a female?
My camera just flashed! Did I startle the house centipede? Is it going to attack me?
Where did the house centipede come from? Did it crawl into my house and bathroom sink through the drain pipes?
Why is the house centipede not running away? Are the sides of my bathroom sink too slippery to climb?
Person looking to one side.
Having finished photographing the house centipede I start looking around.
Person looking up.
Are there any other bugs and critters hiding in this bathroom?
Person looking to the other side.
I do not want to be woken up in the middle of the night by someone screaming because they saw a bug.