Eek! There is a big bug in the bathroom sink!

=== A short story and photographs by Bob Sutherland ===

Are you tired of reading all that fictional stuff you find in the library? Do you turn on the internet only to realize you are spending your days viewing a bunch of fantasy and make believe stuff? Has the world news become unbelievable? Well obviously, just like many people, you must be craving a new source of reading material with content that is real? Do not fret! I have come to the rescue.

Here is a story that is real. On the second page I even include my photographs proving it really happened.

I hope you are not afraid of bugs.

A Bedtime Bug Story

It was late at night. I was tired. I wandered into the bathroom as I was getting ready for bed.

I looked into the mirror and tried to smile. The bathroom light was bright above the mirror!

I noticed something seemed out of place. I looked down. There was this dark fuzzy thing in the sink. What is it? A smidgeon of laundry lint? A dust ball?

Eek! There is a big bug in the bathroom sink!

I was too tired to think. My instincts immediately jumped into action and took control of my body. I quickly started patting down my clothes. Where are my pockets? Which one has my cell phone?

I found my phone. I fumbled around turning it on. I fumbled around typing in the password. I then fumbled around once more trying to find the right application.

No I did not want the phone app. I did not intend to call any emergency telephone numbers. I did not need the police, fire department or an ambulance.

Where is the camera app? I am a highly trained photographer.

Are you aware that I have attended a few meetings of my local community camera club? There I learned everything there is to know about digital cameras. I listened to the guest speakers. I participated in the workshops. The camera club held challenge exercises, contests and field trips so we could practice our skills. Now I was about to put all of that training to use.

I tried taking a photo of the bug in the sink.

After taking the photo I looked at it on the screen of my smartphone. It reminded me of the photos I took in my late teens and early twenties. Back then I would go hunting through the forest with my camera trying to sneak up on wildlife. I did not realize it at the time but the built in, permanently attached, utterly unchangeable lens on my point and shoot film camera was a wide angle. Every beaver, turtle, frog, porcupine, rabbit and chipmunk I pointed my camera at wound up just a tiny dot in the distance on my photographic prints. I always felt disappoint in my pictures after having been so close to the animals in real life.

Well here it is many years later. I am much older. It is late at night. I am over tired. I am using a smartphone instead of my original point and shoot film camera. My smartphone has five different lenses built in to it. Unfortunately they are all variations of a wide angle lens. Why is it so difficult for anyone to build a simple camera device with a telephoto lens for shooting wildlife photography?

I have just taken a photo of my bathroom countertop and sink. Looking at the photo on the screen of my smartphone I am experiencing difficulty finding the bug. It is a big bug in real life but only a minisule little dot in the photograph on the screen.

I will have to get my cell phone in closer to take a better photo.

Does this smartphone camera application have a telephoto adjustment to zoom in closer? Should I be switching to the macro setting?

I moved in real close and took a few photos.

I am not an expert on bugs but I think that critter may be a house centipede.

Which end is the head? Which end is the tail or derriere?

Is it a male or a female house centipede?

My camera just flashed! Did I startle the house centipede? Is it going to attack me?

Where did the house centipede come from? Did it crawl into my house and bathroom sink through the drain pipes?

Why is the house centipede not running away? Are the sides of my bathroom sink too slippery to climb?

I moved in closer holding my smartphone up as a shield to protect me in case I was attacked.

I tried taking close up photos from all sides and angles. The house centipede was backed into a corner of my sink. I never knew my sink had corners before! I always thought of it as having round sides. There was a limited amount of space in which I could manuever around the bug as I took my last few photos.

That is enough photos. I stood up straight after having been bent over the sink for far too long. I am getting old. I could feel the strain of having just done such hard photography work in my body. How long did that photography session last? Maybe a minute or so, give or take a few seconds.

I am sure the house centipede felt just as tired from having posed for a few photos as my finger felt from having clicked the camera app shutter button on the screen about a dozen times.

I swung my head around from side to side, and up and down. I looked everywhere. I checked all the walls, the curtains and other surfaces. I inspected all the nooks, crannies and hiding places. Are there any other critters hiding in this bathroom?

I did not find any other bugs so I put away my smartphone and went to bed.

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