Photographs of Sod Turning Ceremony

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

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Photographs taken at the official sod turning ceremony to begin construction of a new school in Turnor Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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Photo: sod5.jpg ~ There are ten men in line and only two shovels. Only two small scoops of sandy soil were dug for the sod turning ceremony.
Photo: sod6.jpg ~ All the dignitaries shake hands with each other.
Photo: sod7.jpg ~ The community elder walking toward the microphone.
Photo: sod8.jpg ~ Many official photographs were taken with the shovels. The lineup of politicians, officer managers, construction foremen, architechs, bankers and other dignitaries kept changing as photographs were taken for a variety of publications.
Photo: sod9.jpg ~ Some of the vehicles and people socializing in the parking lot after the ceremony ended. Behind the camera the crowd was lining up for a light snack of crackers and cookies that was served in the Band Office.