Photographs of Teenagers Fishing

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

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This webpage contains photographs taken during a school field trip. The students of Turnor Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada were teaching each other how to fish to feed their families. Some were also practising their artistic and photographic skills by borrowing my camera to take some of these photographs.

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Photo: IMGP1012.jpg ~ A bulldozer has recently tried to clear the forest off this land near the bridge.
Photo: IMGP1013.jpg ~ An island out in the lake.
Photo: IMGP1018.jpg ~ The bulldozer's work has left this land quite swampy near the lake shoreline.
Photo: IMGP1019.jpg ~ A bulldozed pile of trees.
Photo: IMGP1021.jpg ~ Two students posing for the camera.
Photo: IMGP1024.jpg ~ There was a swift current in the narrows flowing under the bridge.