Winter Photographs of Split Lake

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

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This webpage contains winter photographs of some of the buildings, streets and ferry of Split Lake, Manitoba, Canada.

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Photo: scanJ058.jpg ~ A side view of the M.V. Joe Keeper Ferry frozen in the lake ice.
Photo: scanJ059.jpg ~ Snowmobile tracks passing by the houses and teacherages. Sometimes there was a noise and safety problem with snowmobiles racing past bedroom windows all through the night.
Photo: scanJ060.jpg ~ A pickup truck driving on one of the main roads of the community during the winter.
Photo: scanJ077.jpg ~ The yellow trailer is the Tataskweyak Education Authority office building. Partially visible behind it is a log cabin some students and teachers were building to become their outdoor education centre.
Photo: scanJ065.jpg ~ The indoor hockey arena. Up on the second floor in the corners of the building there was some office space.