Photographs of Split Lake Buildings

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

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This webpage contains fall photographs of some of the buildings and streets of Split Lake, Manitoba, Canada.

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Photo: scanJ063.jpg ~ Band Office of the Split Lake Cree First Nation.
Photo: scanJ043.jpg ~ Split Lake Cree Firehall with garage doors for two water trucks, an ambulance and a fire truck. A police force made up of local residents were the main occupiers of this building while I taught in Split Lake. The police constables did not have a police car so they used the fire truck and ambulance to patrol the community. One icy winter day someone rescued me using the fire truck as a tow truck to pull my vehicle back onto the road after my tires slid into the ditch.
Photo: scanJ061.jpg ~ Chester Fried Chicken is a franchised chain of take out restaurants. This building contained a take out counter where you could order some fried chicken. There were a few tables and chairs where customers could eat their chicken or just sit and wait for their order to be cooked. There were some groceries for sale on shelves around the walls.
Photo: scanJ062.jpg ~ The Chester Fried Chicken parking lot and the street passing by.
Photo: scanJ044.jpg ~ Is that a boat in the water?