Photographs of Sandy Bay Roads

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

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This is the last webpage of my journey. It contains photographs of the roads when travelling from Island Falls back to Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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Photo: IM001299.jpg ~ One danger about driving the roads in the Sandy Bay area is that if you do get into an accident it may be a while before another vehicle comes along and finds you. Then the other driver and any passengers have to decide whether they should stop and try to give you assistance or go find emergency help.
Photo: IM001300.jpg ~ Most of the traffic incidents in northern Saskatchewan are single vehicle accidents where the driver lost control, collided with wildlife, or suffered a vehicle breakdown. There were a lot of broken beer bottles scattered along provincial highway 135 south of Pelican Narrows that were causing flat tires.
Photo: IM001304.jpg ~ Here is the community sign along the side of provincial highway 135 welcoming you to Sandy Bay.
Photo: IM001306.jpg ~ These are the first homes you see as you enter Sandy Bay at the end of provincial highway 135.
Photo: IM001309.jpg ~ Provincial highway 135 becomes the main street winding all the way through the northern village of Sandy Bay connecting the neighbourhoods together.