Photographs of Sandy Bay Roads

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

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This webpage contains photographs of the road from provincial highway 135 to Island Falls hydro electric power dam. The road is mainly following the route of the high power electric transmission lines.

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Photo: IM001284.jpg ~ According to the thinking of some managers, accountants and politicians in a city somewhere this is an industrial road to service the Island Falls hydro electric power dam. Industrial roads tend to get more attention, care and maintenance than ordinary highways and roads that were built to serve the needs of human settlements.
Photo: IM001285.jpg ~ I grew up being told that Saskatchewan was a flat prairie province. The bottom of some shallow sea that has since drained away. This road looks like the rough and rocky landscape of northern Ontario.
Photo: IM001286.jpg ~ This does not look like the pictures in my elementary school books that showed Saskatchewan roads among the wheat fields running in perfectly straight converging lines to the far horizon. Keep your hands at the 10 o'clock and 2 o'clock postions on the steering wheel as there is going to be lots of curves on this road for you to navigate.
Photo: IM001287.jpg ~ A distant scene of the road ahead as photographed from the top of a hill.
Photo: IM001288.jpg ~ There is a blind curve at the top of this hill. The road signs make driving a lot easier because they tell you which way you will be turning.
Photo: IM001289.jpg ~ Is that a "T" intersection or someone's driveway just ahead? There are no signs anywhere indicating what I might find if I tried following that detour.
Photo: IM001290.jpg ~ Watch out for blind curves such as this one! Stay to the right and slow down. Pray that any driver coming toward you has also slowed down.