On this page I leave Sandy Bay on the main highway travelling south towards the rest of civilization. I then turn onto a dirt road that takes us to a water control dam on the Churchill River.


Photo: sandy1275 ~ A driver's view of the main highway as you leave Sandy Bay heading towards the cities and towns to the south.


Photo: sandy1276


Photo: sandy1277


Photo: sandy1280


Photo: sandy1281 ~ There is the road to the hydroelectric dam that I am about to turn onto.


Photo: sandy1282 ~ This is an industrial road for the hydroelectric dam. It was the only road in the area that had all of the standard highway traffic signs.


Photo: sandy1283


Photo: sandy1284


Photo: sandy1285


Photo: sandy1286


Photo: sandy1287


Photo: sandy1288


Photo: sandy1289


Photo: sandy1290


Photo: sandy1292 ~ Water control dam.

Well those were two very winding, hilly roads that I was driving on for this page. Now for the big challenge. Can you drive across the top of this water control dam? Make sure there are no vehicles coming from the other direction. Keep one tire on each side of that railway track. Your tires will slide uncontrollably if one of them climbs up on the railway track. Do not drive on the metal grates on the left hand side. The metal grates are frequently lifted up by machinery. They will not support your vehicle's weight if they have not been repositioned correctly. Do not be nervous. Do not look down over the edge. It is a long way down to the rocks below on the right hand side. Drive slowly and keep a steady focus on driving safely. Remember, the top of this dam is slippery when wet or frozen which is almost every day of the year.