Photographs of Split Lake 1999-2000

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

The following is a video slideshow displaying my collection of photographs from my year of teaching in Split Lake, Manitoba, Canada.

This is a silent video. I did not record any sound.

Fall and Winter Photos

My fall photographs were taken in late September or early October a few days after a snow storm. You will notice that the ground is wet and there is still some snow and ice melting as I spent a weekend taking these photographs. The shutter mechanism of my camera kept freezing and jamming so I could only take a few photographs at a time before I would have to return to my teacherage to thaw out my camera.

A teacherage is any form of housing unit in a small northern community that is reserved for the accommodation of teachers.

My winter photographs with plenty of snow on the ground were taken in February through the window of my pickup truck. My camera simply refused to operate outside in the cold air.

A few of my winter photographs were taken while I was on a temporary ice road across the surface of the frozen lake. I was returning from visiting the First Nation community of York Landing further down the lake.

Typically there will only be about four to six weeks per year in February that the ice in a northern Canadian lake will be thick enough for a vehicle to drive over it. Temporary ice roads across northern lakes are called winter roads. It takes a lot of preparation work in January scraping the insulating snow off the surface of the lake to cause the ice to freeze two or more metres thick.