Photographs of Clyde River 1997-1998

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

When I taught in Clyde River the Northwest Territories was being split in half. The new territory of Nunavut was forming with Iqaluit as its capital. This was a multiyear process as it meant a complete reorganization of all of the government departments and agencies. The former Northwest Territories had seven autonomous regions. The main transportation and communication links had run north-south between the regions and southern cities. Now three of those regions were forming the new territory of Nunavut. The community of Clyde River in the Baffin Island region would be included in the new territory of Nunavut.

The federal government thought that at least ten percent of the population would need to be educated for the new territory to be successful. I was hired by Nunavut Arctic College to teach adults in a portable classroom in Clyde River.

The following are video slideshows displaying my collection of photographs from my year of teaching in Clyde River.

These are silent videos. I did not record any sound. All videos will start with the same short introduction before you start seeing the photographs.

A short introductory video showing the general landscape

Outdoor photographs taken during the late summer and early fall

Outdoor photographs taken during the fall, winter and spring

People and panoramic photos