Computer Topics

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

If it is something I once taught in Computer courses then I may have created a web page about it.

Measuring Your Screen
Do you know the measurements of your screen's height, width and colour depth? This page can measure them for you.
Canadian English Computer Keyboard
Information and some pictures of the standard Canadian English computer keyboard used in schools, homes, government and business offices.
Computer Keyboard Terminology
Do you know the names of the keys on your computer keyboard? Here are some diagrams and lists to help you learn them.
What is a Computer Cookie?
A typical computer cookie is shown on the screen with a description of its parts, how it is formed, where it is located, and some things it can do.
How to Clean a Computer
Instructions of various simple things you can do to clean the parts of your computer including the keyboard, screen, printer and that disarray of files littering your desktop.
Dracula's Definitions of Computer Memory Sizes
The following two web pages contain definitions of bit, nibble, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte and so on with charts to help you.
  1. Traditional Measuring Units for Computer Memory
    The traditional definitions of computer memory size units that I first learned and taught my students throughout my teaching career.
  2. Modern Measuring Units for Computer Memory
    A listing of the four different charts of computer memory unit sizes that standardization committees have created. Many companies are now using one of these four charts. You just have to figure out which chart a particular company is using under what circumstances.
Computer Fonts for Web Pages
The following three web pages summarize my research as I was trying to select fonts for my web site.
  1. Computer Fonts Introduction and Definitions
    An introduction to the topic of computer fonts including definitions, font classification systems, and Internet font families.
  2. Linux Fonts
    The Ubuntu and Linux Mint fonts arranged according to whether they are monospaced, proportional, serif, sans-serif, cursive or fantasy.
  3. Macintosh Fonts
    Macintosh fonts arranged according to whether they are monospaced, proportional, serif, sans-serif, cursive or fantasy. Many common fonts for Windows are included here.
Warning! Trouble straight ahead!
A few tiny bytes of reading for anyone who cares about the future direction our Internet technology is headed.