Photographs of Fond-du-Lac, Saskatchewan

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

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My collection of digital photographs of the Dene First Nation community of Fond-du-Lac, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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Photo: fond038.jpg ~ The Fond-du-Lac airport terminal building.
Photo: fond039.jpg
Photo: fond040.jpg ~ Saskatchewan is not flat! The whole community is hiding behind this hill when viewed from the airport parking lot.
Photo: fond041.jpg
Photo: fond042.jpg ~ This is one of two pickup trucks owned by the school. One truck was generally used by the janitors and maintenance staff. This particular truck was the one the teachers hoped to find the keys for.

Some of the elder teachers need a ride to work and home again each day. A large number of staff members could be driven to the store, buy their groceries and then taken home when the truck was available. The teachers also used this truck to drop off and pick up official school visitors, staff members and cargo from the airport.

Photo: fond043.jpg ~ The Fond-du-Lac gasoline station and variety store officially named P & M Gas Bar.