Construction Photos of the Wall

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

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A human family is still living in the neighbourhood in their modest home. They can no longer see the vacant lot next door where the groundhog and his animal friends once lived and played. They can no longer see the small cabin that was partially hidden in the small trees and bushes beyond the vacant lot. They cannot even see the big grey wall that was built along the property line where the cabin once stood. They can no longer see the sun up in the sky and feel its warm glow. Instead they now only see a big wall when they look out the windows of their home. Even the view out the side of their front porch is now being blocked by the construction.

The builders keep putting together this project as if they are working with Lego blocks. They keep adding what appears to be one room at a time.

The neighbours standing and talking amongst themselves out on the sidewalk are wondering what this thing is that is being built in their neighbourhood. Every evening the neighbours gather and change their mind as they make new guesses while watching the project grow.

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Photo: wall12.jpg.
Photo: wall13.jpg.
Photo: wall14.jpg.
Photo: wall15.jpg ~ Is this a giant bird house? What appears to be the front door is way up in the sky.

All of the windows are way up high. Maybe they are sentry windows for guards. But why?

Photo: wall16.jpg.
Photo: wall17.jpg ~ Maybe our new neighbours are mountain goats. It appears the construction workers are building narrow ledges for them to climb up to that front door. Even what appears to be a garage, or maybe it is a stable, is way up high off the ground.

After receiving the above photographs the new owners sent a message to the human family living in the modest home next door. They stated that their intention had been to build a simple, small, single storey home for their retirement years. That is what they had drawn in their own, unique architectural designs. It was the local city building department and their numerous regulations that kept forcing this project to rise higher and higher up off the ground. It has unfortunately become the tallest building in the neighbourhood.

Apparently after some recent extreme weather incidents were reported in the international news the local city engineers, in their infinite wisdom, have designated all local residential areas as potential flood zones. All new construction must be built up high above the height of potential flood water surges. The city engineers kept raising their predictions of the heights of the floods as they kept reading about more inclement weather incidents in the international news.

The new owners say that they have temporarily run out of money as construction costs have been far beyond what they initially budgeted. Construction will stop soon as everyone waits for next summer.

Meanwhile the city engineers have not stopped with their demands. Now they want a moat built around this new castle. The purpose of the moat will be to catch the rain and melting snow pouring down from the roof so that it does not flood the neighbours' properties. As the local geology prevents anyone from digging down the new owners will have to build a waterproof fence made out of bricks and cement along their property lines to contain the moat.

Hearing the news the gossiping neighbours gathered out on the sidewalk were soon predicting the city engineers would be demanding the new home owners build a Dutch style windmill along their new fence. Many arguments have erupted among the neighbours as they keep changing their mind as to whether the windmill should pump water into the moat or out of the moat the next time the neighbourhood is flooded by rainfall or melting snow.

The human family still living in the modest home next to this new wall are wondering if they should move away. Does anyone know of a place where they can live where once again they will be able to see the sunshine? Maybe they should start visiting their friends and relatives to remind themselves of what it was like to be able to see the world outside through their windows. Do you wish to send them an invitation to come for a visit?