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=== by Bob Sutherland ===

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By now you have probably heard of Donald Trump's promise to build a wall along the international border between the United States and Mexico. I am too far away to understand why he wants to build a wall there. From what I have read in the international news Mexico does not want him to build a wall along their border. Maybe it is a simple case that the Trump family does not own any hotels or golf courses in Mexico so he is attempting to discourage American tourists from wandering off in that direction.

Donald Trump was running as a candidate in an election campaign to become president of the United States when he started promising to build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. Like most politicians he was loud and boastful telling the whole world of his plan to build a wall.

But what happens when someone who is not a politician decides to build a wall? Is it possible that they can just quickly and quietly go ahead and build their wall while hoping no one really notices or cares?

The following is a story and pictures about the building of a wall in a residential neighbourhood.

There once was a groundhog who lived in his tunnels under a vacant lot for many years. He was a friendly groundhog. He allowed other wild animals such as birds, squirrels, cats, mice, muskrats and rabbits to build guest cottages on his empty lot and stay there for various lengths of time.

Next door to the groundhog lived some humans in a small cabin hidden away behind small trees and bushes. On the other side of the groundhog lived another family of humans in a modest but slightly bigger house. They had some windows in their home through which they could see the sun, the groundhog and his neighbours.

Everyone lived happily for a number of years until the groundhog died. The humans in the small cabin moved away. New human owners bought the small cabin and the vacant lot. Suddenly builders arrived and changed the whole neighbourhood with their construction activities. First the small cabin was torn down and a big grey wall was built along the property line. It blocked the sunshine for part of the day. Then the builders started building a mysterious wall on the vacant lot. It was so big it blocked paths in many directions so that animals and people could no longer see, fly, tunnel or walk across the lot.

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Photo: wall1.jpg ~ Here we can see the builders and part of the foundation of their new wall. I have never visited the Great Wall of China but this wall looks like it may be just as wide. In the background you can see part of the giant grey wall the workers just finished constructing along the adjacent property line. It is so big it even has windows in it.
Photo: wall2.jpg ~ Look how complicated these foundations are. No groundhog, rabbit, chipmunk or human could possibly dig a tunnel under all of these cement walls without getting confused and lost.
Photo: wall3.jpg ~ More piles of gravel have arrived. Groundhogs and other wild animals would prefer dirt rather than this gravel for digging their tunnels.
Photo: wall4.jpg.
Photo: wall5.jpg.
Photo: wall6.jpg.

When the above photos were taken no one in the neighbourhood knew what was being built. Sidewalk discussions among neighbours said it looked like some sort of military fortification. We watched as trenches were dug out and then decorated with cement walls and gravel floors. These trenches were a vast improvement over what our soldiers used during the First World War. Then a cement roof was created over the trenches. Now it more closely resembled the appearance of some of the cement fortifications of the Second World War.

Here is the message I emailed to the new owners along with the above photos. Like Donald Trump they lived in a land far away from the site of their construction project. The new owners appreciated being informed as to what progress the builders were making.

Subject: Photos of construction

Hello New Neighbours

It looks like your bomb shelter is nearly complete. You just have to cover it over with a mound of dirt to camouflage it. I did not see any sign of a doorway so you might have to drill a tunnel into it.

Here are some photos. The last 3 were taken today.


After a few days I received back the following reply:

Re: Photos of construction

Thanks so much for these Bob. Your camera must have been taped onto the back of a squirrel to get these shots - wonderful points of view.

The dirt and camouflage netting is arriving next week along with the cases of freeze-dried provisions and water filtration system. The concealed door will slide across the floor and be constructed of kryptonite. Damn those shelters are a lot of work but we'll be ready for the post-Trump apocalypse. (My partner had his rabies shots after an encounter with a cat a few weeks ago, so he's really prepared.)

Thanks again for these shots in your emails.