Am I Healthy?

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

My mother is concerned about my health. Over the past few days she has heard me coughing while talking to her on the telephone.

More importantly, she was a witness when I recently tripped and fell. I was outside at the top of some cement steps carrying a load. I heroically managed to protect the fragile things I was carrying. I dropped them but not before my hands were below my knees. My cell phone, laptop and other valuables rolled down a few steps before coming to a stop. Nothing was damaged except for me.

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When I lost my balance I thought I was going to go head first down the cement steps. That was the direction my body was flying uncontrollably. Somehow as I was falling I pushed myself sideways with my clumsy feet. I landed with a hard thump on my side hurting my knee, bum and shoulder. An hour later my wrist started aching as the pain subsided near my other joints.

Today after a few days of convalescent rest at home I have no broken bones. There are no marks on my skin except for a mark that looks like it was made with a cow rancher's branding iron on one of my buttocks. My right wrist is a bit tender but I have full motion as I use my computer mouse and keyboard. I seem to have recovered completely. Or have I?

Here are three recent photos all taken in the same room. Do I look normal and healthy? Is the camera flash and room lighting playing tricks on me? Is my skin actually changing colour? Since when do I have blueish-green hair? The colouring seems to be all wrong. Even my shirt is changing colour.

I just had my eyes examined a few days before the accident. The optometrist concluded my eyes were in better health now than during previous exams. Mind you, all I did was sleep and rest my eyes for two days before my appointment so that I would score well this time.

Am I healthy and normal? Did I bang my head when I fell? I do not know. I do not feel any headache or pain but I look awful in these photographs. I tried taking a few selfies of myself to send to my mother to reassure her that I am okay. Now looking at the photos I am starting to wonder if I am truly sick or is there something seriously wrong with me. What do you think?

This is an excellent time to learn how to use the following zoom photos scale I invented. I would suggest a choice of around 50% if you are using a wide screen desktop computer. Go ahead and experiment making the photos bigger and smaller by choosing the different percentages.

Zoom photos:   40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 120% 140% 160% 180% 200% of screen width.

A person sitting in a wallpapered room of an old house. Everything has a yellow-amber colour tint because of the incandescent light source.
Photo: person1.jpg ~ An incandescent ceiling light bulb is the main light source for this photograph. Notice the traditional yellow-amber colour tint that masks everything in indoor photos.

As my First Nation students often remarked, my skin was a brighter red than theirs when they photographed me inside the northern schools. They would often question their teachers as to why the Europeans were not designated the red rather than the white race after looking at the indoor photographs they had taken.

Same person sitting in the same spot but now everything has a ghostly white appearance because of the unnatural room lighting.
Photo: person2.jpg ~ Sunlight via a window on a drab, gloomy, overcast November day is the only light source for this photo. Everything has an unnatural, ghostly, white or black appearance in the weak light.

There is not enough sunlight in Canada's arctic and sub arctic regions throughout most of the school year to see bright colours. What I typically saw outdoors was just black, white, a few shades of grey with muted hints of colour similar to this photograph.

Photo: person3.jpg ~ Same room but standing away from the wall. The blue-green tint of the camera flash is the main light source for this photo. It is effecting the colour of my skin and hair.