Winter Photographs of Split Lake

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

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This webpage contains winter photographs of some of the buildings, streets and ferry of Split Lake, Manitoba, Canada.

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Photo: scanJ049.jpg ~ Anglican Church at the end of a road near the point of the peninsula.
Photo: scanJ050.jpg ~ A residential street in an older area of the community.
Photo: scanJ051.jpg ~ A log cabin style building under construction. This was a major undertaking for the community as they applied for various training funds to teach their local construction workers how to build log cabin buildings such as this one. The logs had to be purchased and transported from British Columbia as there are no trees in Manitoba that big.
Photo: scanJ053.jpg ~ Winter view of the Split Lake Cree First Nation Band Office.
Photo: scanJ054.jpg ~ Winter view of the M.V. Joe Keeper Ferry frozen in the lake ice as seen from the loading area.