Fall Photographs of Split Lake Shoreline

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

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This webpage contains fall photographs taken at various spots along the peninsula shoreline of Split Lake, Manitoba, Canada.

The community survived its first snow storm of the winter a few days before I took these fall photographs of Split Lake. Most of the snow had melted by the time I started taking these pictures. It was probably the Canadian Thanksgiving weekend holiday (second Monday of October). There was ice starting to form on the lake surface.

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Photo: scanJ002.jpg ~ This and the next two photographs were taken out near the point of the peninsula.
Photo: scanJ003.jpg ~ That is ice starting to form on the shoreline rocks.
Photo: scanJ004.jpg ~ There is some snow and ice in this photograph. The camera is looking back toward the school and some community buildings near the base of the peninsula.
Photo: scanJ005.jpg ~ Hidden among the houses is the Northern Store. It is a large building with a green sign on the wall near the point of its roofline.
Photo: scanJ010.jpg ~ I was never in this large building. Someone told me that it was a residence for elders. This is the first of three photographs panning to the right following the far shoreline of this bay.
Photo: scanJ006.jpg
Photo: scanJ011.jpg
Photo: scanJ021.jpg
Photo: scanJ008.jpg ~ An interesting rock I found on the beach. I placed a package of Halls cough drops on the ground with the idea that my students should be able to use the package of Halls cough drops to estimate the size of the rock in this photo