Panoramic Photographs of Split Lake

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

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The following panoramic photographs I created on my computer by stitching together two or three photographs. At the time I was teaching in Split Lake I had no idea that someday I would have the technology available to me to be able to electronically merge and stitch together overlapping photographs. Therefore there was an element of luck involved in my recent discovery that the following panoramic photographs could be created from my collection of Split Lake photographs.

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Photo: scanJ18-19.jpg ~ The main community dock area of Split Lake as the sun is setting on an overcast day.
Photo: scanJ30-32.jpg ~ Chief Sam Cook Mahmuwee Education Centre was a relatively new and modern kindergarten to grade 12 school when I taught in the community.
Photo: scanJ60-77.jpg ~ The magic of photography. You get to see the same dark blue pickup truck twice as it drives along this main road past the yellow trailer office building of the Tataskweyak Education Authority.
Photo: scanJ69-70.jpg ~ In the foreground are the snow banks along the side of the winter ice road out on the frozen lake. In the distance are the buildings of the Split Lake community along the shoreline.