Photographs of Sandy Bay Roads

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

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This is the first page of my collection of photographs showing a vehicle driver's view of what the roads are like in and around Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan, Canada.

I begin my journey by taking photographs along the road from the northern village of Sandy Bay to the local community airport. At the airport I then explore what appears to be a service road running parallel to the airport runway.

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Photo: IM001241.jpg ~ Driving along the airport road from Sandy Bay to our local community airport.
Photo: IM001242.jpg ~ Do you see the pedestrian up ahead? There is forest on both sides of the road. There are no buildings or cleared land anywhere near here. Where did the pedestrian come from? Why is he or she on the road?
Photo: IM001244.jpg ~ Stopping for a grouse. A grouse is a wild forest dwelling bird that looks and behaves like a chicken. Sometimes a person can almost walk up and catch one with their bare hands before the grouse will fly away. Like a chicken the grouse stays mainly on the ground never flying very far or very high.
Photo: IM001245.jpg ~ Those little shacks up ahead are the community airport. There are no large buildings at the airport. There are just a few shacks, an outhouse, and sometimes a small airplane.
Photo: IM001246.jpg ~ A sand pit of very fine grain sand along the side of the road.
Photo: IM001251.jpg ~ When I reached the airport I decided to try following what appeared to be a service road that was running parallel to the airport runway. Now that I am about half way down the runway this service road is starting to look a bit iffy.
Photo: IM001252.jpg ~ I have reached the end of the airport runway and may be nearing the end of this road. It is now barely a trail. How am I going to turn around or back up? That clearing up ahead is the Churchill River.