Photographs of Turnor Lake 2008-2009

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

The following are video slideshows displaying my collection of photographs from my year of teaching in Turnor Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada.

These are silent videos. I did not record any sound. All videos will start with the same short introduction before you see the photographs.

Fall Photos

Here are some outdoor photographs I took while hiking around the community in the fall before there was any snow on the ground.

Winter Photos

Here are some photographs I took of the community when there was plenty of snow on the ground.

Spring Photos

Here are a few photographs taken outdoors in the spring as the last of the snow was melting. There is also a few photos of the ground breaking ceremony that took place as construction of a new school began.

Fishing Photos

Fishing is a very important economic activity to feed the community of Turnor Lake. Here are some photos of teenagers and preteens fishing at the bridge over the narrows between two lakes.

My students took many of these photos using my cameras.