Northern Canada Menu

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

This is a new menu page for my collection of photographs, stories and information about teaching in Northern Canadian communities.

Split Lake, Manitoba

Information about Split Lake
Some introductory information about the First Nation community of Split Lake, Manitoba, Canada.
Photographs of Split Lake
My collection of fall and winter photographs of the First Nation community of Split Lake, Manitoba, Canada.

Sandy Bay, Saskatchewan

The School Superintendent's Advice
A short story about the advice a school superintendent gives to the staff at one of his schools.
Photographs of Sandy Bay Roads
A pickup truck driver's view of some of the roads and trails in the Sandy Bay and Island Falls area.

Turnor Lake, Saskatchewan

Teaching Traditional Skills in Turnor Lake
A description of one community's approach to teaching their teenagers some traditional skills.
Photographs of Teenagers Fishing
Photographs of students spending an afternoon fishing at the narrows to feed their families in Turnor Lake.

Northern Terminology
This is a glossary that contains definitions and additional information regarding some Northern Canadian terminology. Included are the terms: Band Office, First Nation, Inuit, Metis, Treeline and Permafrost.
Photography Issues
A description of some of the problems I encountered while trying to take photographs in a cold climate region of our planet.