Photographs of Fond-du-Lac 2004-2005

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

The following are video slideshows displaying my collection of photographs from my year of teaching in Fond-du-Lac, Saskatchewan, Canada.

These are silent videos. I did not record any sound. All videos will start with the same short introduction before you see the photographs.

Digital Camera Photos

This is a collection of outdoor photographs taken throughout the school year with my digital cameras. Some of the photographs were taken by one of my teaching colleagues as she travelled around the community with me one winter weekend day taking photographs.

Film Camera Photos

These are my outdoor photographs taken throughout the school year with my film cameras. I purchased a lot of film at a city camera store before flying up to Fond-du-Lac to start teaching that year. I do not know if I was sold a bad batch of expired or poor quality film. I do not know if the film was damaged by airport security x-rays or other environmental hazards. I do not know if my film was damaged by exposure to freezing temperatures. What I do know is that the film processing labs sent me back notes saying that they could not print any photographs on many of the film rolls I sent them for developing. The pictures they were able to print often looked awful. The colour was unnatural looking or almost missing entirely from the photographs.

Using my skills on a computer here are some photos that I have rescued and restored.

Community Camping

One weekend in the spring suddenly nearly all of the remaining snow from the long winter melted. It was that weekend that the newly elected band chief took his community camping using new tents that he had purchased. On Monday morning not very many students arrived for classes. Not knowing what was happening the teachers all climbed on the school bus after school to go looking for our missing students. We found our students and the band just beyond the edge of the community hidden behind some trees and a bit of a hill. According to a Prince Albert Grand Council, Engineering Department map it was the proposed site for a future subdivision should the community continue to expand in size and population.

Here are some photographs I took of the Fond Du Lac band members camping in the forest before any insects had a chance to hatch.