Photography Topics

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

A few web pages I have created for my camera club and anyone interested in photography.

Photo Editing Software
Here is a list of some free programs and shareware programs that can be used for photo editing.
Software for Photographers
This is a much more extensive list of many photo editors and other software programs that are available for Macintosh, Windows and Linux computers.
How to Calibrate an Apple Macintosh Monitor
This web page describes two methods that you can use to calibrate the display of your Apple Macintosh computer.
Resizing Digital Photographs
This is a series of beginner lessons I have created for seven different photo editing programs. In each lesson I teach you how to start up the program, open a photograph file, resize the photograph, and then save or export the file.
Writing on Digital Photographs
This is a series of lessons I have created for three photo editing programs. In each lesson I teach you how to draw shapes and type text on photographs.
Where to Sleep?
A playful, fictional, short story I created to demonstrate typing text on a photograph.
How to capture a picture of your computer screen
This is a lesson on how to use computer software to take a screenshot picture of what is being displayed on your computer screen. I have included instructions for four different programs that are each capable of capturing screenshots.

After reading the above lessons and practicing the skills on your computer you should be able to create your own lessons and do many other wonderful things with digital photographs and photo editing software.

The basic skills, drawing tools, vocabulary and procedures taught in the lessons listed on this web page are common and applicable to many computer programs for Windows, Linux and Macintosh computers.