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=== by Bob Sutherland ===

Most of the content of this website has grown and developed from the assortment of things I collected in my packsacks during my teaching career. This section of my website is different, though, in that it contains off-topic web pages that I created while being distracted and sidetracked by some other stimuli.

As this section of my website grows it is beginning to resemble the variety of files I would discover students and staff had created on the computers in my computer lab at school. They would type essays, opinion papers and other assignments. I was forever encouraging students to combine the photographs they had taken with real or fictional stories they wrote in desktop publishing assignments. I often discovered notices they had created about special events such as births, birthday parties or funerals among their files.

Facebook Crackdown
How to avoid having your Facebook account identified as probably being a fake user account and then being automatically deleted by robots.
Some reflective thinking about stereotypes
An examination of what are stereotypes? Do they serve a purpose? How do we respond to stereotypes? How should we respond?
In Memory of Daisy
A few photos posted in memory of a family pet dog.
Am I Healthy?
Some self portraits and a short story written in response to family concerns about my health.
Construction Photos of the Wall
Some photographs and a short story about the construction of a unique new home next door.