A winter scene of a small grey wooden building in a treeless landscape.
Nunavut Arctic College. Hamlet of Clyde River, Nunavut territory, Canada. On Baffin Island in the Arctic Ocean.

Northern Wisdom

=== by Bob Sutherland ===

Hello and welcome to my hobby website. I am a retired Computer teacher and school administrator. Years ago I left behind the big city high schools to spend many years migrating up north every August to teach in some of the small, remote communities scattered across northern Canada.

Living up on top of the world I experienced temperatures dropping down to minus forty degrees and below far too frequently during the long, cold, dark winters. Hence the inspiration for the Minus40.info domain name of this website.

This website is a collection of educational web pages that I have created. Initially the content was based on materials left over from my teaching career but now the topics are becoming more diverse as I add new pages. Hopefully you will find something interesting and useful here.

Main Menu

Canadian School Closure Policies due to Weather Conditions
An explanation of when Canadian school principals or school board officials are likely to close schools due to weather conditions.
Frozen cars and trucks
What happens to vehicles when the temperature drops to -40 degrees Celsius? The simple answer is they freeze, break and tend not to work. During my teaching career I have driven three pickup sized trucks that I have owned into subarctic communities. I have then tried to keep them operational throughout the winter as temperatures sometimes dropped below -40 degrees Celsius. Here is a description of my experiences.
A bit of Latin
On this page you will find definitions of e.g., i.e., etc., et al, informal versus formal writing style, Latin Quarter and a few other things that I usually teach my students during the first week of school in my courses.
Trouble straight ahead!
Surf while you can, the end of the Internet may be coming sooner than you expect.

Math Topics

Problem Solving Puzzles
A few simple problem solving puzzles to give your brain some exercise.
Number Charts Menu
A collection of number lists, conversion charts and math review notes for topics I have taught in Math, Science and Computer classrooms. Included are temperature conversion charts; Roman Numerals; binary, octal and hexadecimal numbers; base 26 Alphabet numbers; powers, exponents and scientific notation.

Science Topics

How to find Polaris the North Star
A simple field guide for finding Polaris the North Star, the Big Dipper and the Cassiopeia constellation in the night sky.
Temperature and Weather
Having named my website after a very cold temperature it only seems fitting that I should devote a page of my website to information about thermometers, temperature, weather, climate, wind chill, frostnip, frostbite, meteorology, climatology, global warming and -40 degrees.

History Topic

Canadian War Photographs Menu
This is a collection of Canadian military photographs taken in Belgium and France during World War I and World War II. The collection also includes photographs of memorials, parks and cemeteries in France and Belgium that honour the sacrifice of the Canadian soldiers.

Computer Topics

Canadian English Computer Keyboard
Information and some pictures of the standard Canadian English computer keyboard used in schools, homes, government and business offices.
Measuring Your Screen
Do you know the measurements of your screen's height, width and colour depth? This page can measure them for you.
How to Clean a Computer
Instructions of various simple things you can do to clean the parts of your computer including the keyboard, screen, printer and that disarray of files littering your desktop.
Dracula's Definitions of Computer Memory Sizes
The following two web pages contain definitions of bit, nibble, byte, kilobyte, megabyte, gigabyte, terabyte and so on with charts to help you.
  1. Traditional Measuring Units for Computer Memory
    The traditional definitions of computer memory size units that I first learned and taught my students throughout my teaching career.
  2. Modern Measuring Units for Computer Memory
    A listing of the four different charts of computer memory unit sizes that standardization committees have created. Many companies are now using one of these four charts. You just have to figure out which chart a particular company is using under what circumstances.
Computer Fonts for Web Pages
The following three web pages summarize my research as I was trying to select fonts for my web site.
  1. Computer Fonts Introduction and Definitions
    An introduction to the topic of computer fonts including definitions, font classification systems, and Internet font families.
  2. Linux Fonts
    The Ubuntu and Linux Mint fonts arranged according to whether they are monospaced, proportional, serif, sans-serif, cursive or fantasy.
  3. Macintosh Fonts
    Macintosh fonts arranged according to whether they are monospaced, proportional, serif, sans-serif, cursive or fantasy. Many common fonts for Windows are included here.
Web Colour Charts Menu
My collection of colour charts with large colour patches that I created to assist me in creating web pages. The colours are labelled using RGB (red-green-blue) hexadecimal numbers.
What is a Computer Cookie?
A typical computer cookie is shown on the screen with a description of its parts, how it is formed, where it is located and some things it can do.
Privacy Policy
A privacy policy for this website with some links to educational resources for learning about Internet advertising and website privacy issues.

My other website

This is a new website that I am creating. You are welcome to take a peak to see what progress I am making. I moved a few photographs and stories that were formerly on this website over to my new website to get it started. My intention is that the new website will become a place where I can share my collection of photographs and stories.